.: fiore :. Mesh Head โ€“ Contoured

ItGirls โ€“ FIORE Skin Applier โ€“ Isabeli Tan

Lโ€™Etre โ€“ Basic mesh ears 2017ย @Uber

BURLEY โ€“ Dot โ€“ DarkBrowns

#Foxy โ€“ Suede Wrap Choker โ€˜Blackโ€™

_CandyDoll_Yeesha Sweatsuit Blackย @ย Collabor88

_CandyDoll_Mara Legwarmers White ย @ย Collabor88


[ kunst ] โ€“ Alexis Watch

HX Black Royalty Headphones (King)

Schadenfreude Sugar Skull Water Bottleย @ย Collabor88

HX: Red Card Board Boombox

Pseudo– Cafe Bicycle Backdrop RARE

Poses by RKย 



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